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Sue Kim is a real estate agent and one of the founders of Newcastle Realty, Inc. She graduated from Hosei University in Japan and is fluent in Japanese and Korean as well as English. She got into real estate in 2006 when she was looking for a career that would give her time for her kids. Real estate allowed her to be the boss of her own time. Sue started with all types of properties, including business and commercial, but found the residential sector to be where she belongs. She loves looking at homes, but being in the industry for years has also given her a remarkable eye for them. She regards the interior, the structure, the direction it faces, and even the feeling of a house. She finds the process of understanding the personality of a home fun and the role she plays connecting a family to a home very meaningful.

The nature of real estate is quite charming to Sue in that the industry is not really made up by business but by people-to-people connections. It fascinates her that she is be able to get to know people who started out as strangers very well and help them make a significant life decision, to become friends with them, and to help their children find homes of their own years down the line. She always thinks about whatever she can do to help.

Sue says that Newcastle Realty, Inc. was also built with the mindset of helping others and each other but, most importantly, doing so together. The founders have worked to create a new type of real estate company in which agents are not individual but are part of something greater. They strive for a culture focused not on “I” but “we,” and every piece of furniture and detail that went into the office was decided with the purpose of facilitating a place where people can work together. Sue looks forward to harnessing the power of human connection to fulfill an ambitious future for Newcastle Realty.