Real Estate Transactions

Newcastle Realty, Inc. upholds a high standard in the quality of real estate services that we provide. Our agents are more than qualified in sales and purchases for residential properties, businesses, and commercial investments as well as rent and leases. We also cover related services including mortgage and escrow for efficiency and convenience.


Newcastle Realty, Inc. is proud to offer a one stop consulting service to our clients. As stated in the Guides to Buying a Home and Selling a Home, Newcastle provides all financial assistance before, during, and after a transaction. Beyond that, we also provide broader financial consulting in all areas tailored to your individual situation and needs. At one stop, you will receive top advising from experts in the field, gain insights, and learn strategies to problem solve and attain your goals.

Property Management

Newcastle Realty, Inc. is not providing property management at the moment but is expecting to expand services soon!