The founders of Newcastle Realty, Inc. strive to create a community and company culture that is conducive to a strong internal foundation and network. They see a strong core as a formula for success. Newcastle Realty, Inc. is committed to delivering on these values.


We believe in an honest, upright working environment with transparent relations in any and all difficult situations.

One Family

Our Newcastle family is a tight-knit group of individuals with a shared vision and passion of supporting and uplifting one another through our success and hardships.


We are dedicated to creating a setting to inspire leaders at Newcastle Realty who will be able to influence others to rise above their ordinary expectations.


We believe at Newcastle Realty that the ultimate reason to make money is to be able to use and give wisely. By maintaining our own professional excellence and a spirit of generosity, we hope to set an example to our community and those who surround us in our everyday lives.